Hello Spotsylvania and Massaponax

You might ask yourself, “Why in the world would the Spotsylvania/Massaponax area need a new church?  That is a great question, and the simple answer is that our area is growing quickly.  And while that growth is great, needs grow at the same or perhaps even a greater one.

So we hope to start a new church that will meet those needs while providing Biblically faithful and grace-filled community, worship, and service.

You might wonder if the church can still do that or if it that was ever possible.  Well, we agree with John Calvin when he said:

“The whole world is a theatre for the display of the divine goodness, wisdom, justice, and power, but the Church is the orchestra, as it were—the most conspicuous part of it.”

So this new, as of yet unnamed, church hopes to do that.  Our purpose for existing is to incite a revolution of Jesus’ radical grace that will manifest itself in the people of God’s fellowship, worship, and service.

In other words:  God’s grace enables us to demonstrate Jesus through Fellowship, Worship, and Service.

Stay tuned for more information as we get closer to our 2013 launch.  Until then, feel free to contact us at jgordonduncan@yahoo.com if you are the least bit curious about this new movement.