Why Would a Church Meet at a Comedy Club

ImageNew churches meeting in schools, civic buildings, and town auditoriums are nothing new.  Church plants, as they are called, don’t normally build sanctuaries, and many don’t even desire long-term.  But finding a workable space for worship, nursery, and visibility is often the first big challenge of most new worshiping communities.  Every now and then, a new church finds that perfect spot, and that spot is off the beaten path.  

Meet Evident Grace Fellowship.  As of April 21st, we began meeting at Liberty Laughs Comedy Club above Liberty Lanes Bowling Alley.  

When asked why a church would meet at a comedy club, they gave several answers.  Pastor Gordon responded with, “Well, it shows we don’t take ourselves too seriously, I guess.”  

That answer may be humorous, but there are actually more specific, purposeful reasons for meeting at a comedy club.  EG’er Erica K explained it this way.  She said, “Just the air of curiosity for the public causes people to ask what’s happening up there.”

Asking what is happening is one thing.  Something actually happening is another.  EG’er Nathan provided that.  He said, “I think it gives the church the ability to not become complacent. We aren’t hiding from the world in our safe and separate little area. We are out there in the community looking for ways to serve and bring people in. What better opportunity for outreach than to worship in the midst of the people we hope to reach out to.”

So, we went and asked.  Does a church meeting in a comedy club provide those things?  

Emma G from Connecticut gave this impression.  She said, “It’s a great representation that God is everywhere, and church isn’t about wearing a suit and tie in a fancy building. God is in real life, real places with no pre-requisites.”

With those things in mind, Evident Grace Fellowship is taking a slow and steady approach to growing and serving.  They hope to eventually offer several services to the community, but they want to take them on in a way that they do them well.  

With that in mind, they will offer a nursery for members and visitors, but that nursery will not be open until May 12th which is fitting Mother’s Day.  Additionally, they have undertaken a ministry with Young Lives, an organization that helps, supports, and encourages single, teen moms.  Doing that fits their mission of wanting to serve and comfort their community as an expression of how God has served and comforted them.

If you would like to join Evident Grace Fellowship, as they mentioned, they meet at Liberty Laughs above Liberty Lanes at 1030am each Sunday.