Blessing Bags

blessing-bag-1Ladies, we have talked a bit about how Evident Grace could help out and serve the very large homeless population that is around the bowling alley where we meet.  It is hard to know what to do when someone is standing outside your door while you are at a stoplight.  In fact, it can be pretty scary or even awkward.

Lots of thoughts go through our heads:  “Should I give them money? Should I take them out for a meal? Should Ii just ignore them?” In light of so many around us, and in light of Evident Grace’s mission to serve the community, we thought we should try to put something together.

In light of all of that, Amy Duncan has been speaking with Heather O’Hara from New Life in Christ (NLIC)  about what we might do, and they thought it would be good to gather our resources and put together something called “Blessing Bags”’.  Basically, a Blessing Bag is a ready-made gift to give to someone in need with a few basics like water, gum, a few toiletries, and some food contained in a Ziplock bag easily stored in your car.

The ladies of NLIC have graciously opened up their monthly women’s breakfast this coming Saturday, October 19, for all of us to gather and work on assembling these bags together.

This is a great opportunity for us to physically share the love of Christ with someone in need, so let’s gather EG there in full force. Please invite friends to come along. Also, this is a great activity for moms & daughters to do together. So please join us!

Below you will find a link to the sign-up of what is still in need to help complete these blessing bags. If you are unable to attend you are welcome to sign up for something and drop it off at NLIC or at my apartment anytime this week.


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