Sunday Dec 8th will be a Day of Celebration at Evident Grace

celebrateThis Sunday (December 8th) is going to be an incredible day of celebration and thanks in the life of Evident Grace Church, and we want to make sure that all of you are invited.  Here is the lineup:

At 1030am, we are going to kick off our “More than Gifts” Advent series.  This will be a series of 4 sermons where we explore the depths of the gift of Jesus.  During those sermons, we hope to instill an ongoing hope of God’s active involvement in our lives.  We also hope to see that hope manifest itself in our families, in our church, and in the community around us.  The services will also find us singing some wonderful traditional Christmas tunes, and as always, Evident Grace will mix in some holiday tunes in our church’s distinct musical style.

During that service, we will have nearly 40 people taking membership vows.  A membership vow is a promise and testimony before God and the church of a person’s faith in Christ and of a commitment to serve at Evident Grace.

Have you ever wondered what the purpose of church membership might be?  Have you ever wondered why people still do it?  We are hoping this portion of the service will be both an act of worship for these folks and an answer to your questions.

Because we have so many people taking vows, for this one service only, we will not be able to offer a nursery for your children.  Again, this is for this one service only.  We’ll have our rocking nursery back up and running next week.  Don’t worry.  We do not mind at all if children are in the service, and noise does not bother us, so show up and bring your kids.  It’s all good.

Then, as if the day could not get any better, after the service, we will kick off our First Annual End of the Year Celebratory Luncheon.  Since we meet at the Liberty Lanes Comedy Club, we are able to turn that room into a great space to eat with great food, tables, table cloths, and centerpieces.  It is going to be a wonderful meal and time of hanging out.  If you would like to bring food to the event, there is a sign up here.

Whew, when we go, we go big.  What a beautiful day.  Please worship with us on Sunday.  Bring lots of friends.  And even if you can’t provide food, please come eat with us.

You can find directions to our worship space here, and we kick off around 1030am on Sunday.  See you then.