Celebrating the Lord’s Supper at a Family Table

At Evident Grace, we hold the Lord’s Supper in high esteem just as our parent churches do and the first church did.  We do our best to apply wisdom in the “as often as you gather” nature of the meal.  In doing that, we want the Supper to encourage us when we are down and continue to bolster us when we are up.

The meal is that kind of gift from God.  We come by faith, and we leave with faith strengthened.

This week (1/26), we will enjoy the Supper in a new way.  The elements will be the same, but the form will be different.  Here is how.

The early church often took the Lord’s Supper as a meal sitting at a table together, so we are going to seek to replicate that.  In the middle of our worship space, we will use tables to form a Roman cross.  The tables will extend across the front of our space between the chairs and the stage.  Then, the tables will extend down the middle of the chairs to form the cross.  Then, setttings will be placed at each chair with the choice of wine or juice, and each will have a separate bulletin for the Lord’s Supper meal.

After the sermon, we will sing one song and invite all families to get their children out of the nursery so that all can be a part of the Supper.  Then, following that song, we will leave our seats and gather at the table.  We will sing a few songs acapella, pray, break the communion bread, and enjoy the Lord’s Supper meal for God’s family.

The form we take and the frequency we take the Lord’s Supper does not add to or detract from the value of Communion.  God alone gives the meal meaning and significance.  But this form will get us a chance to celebrate at a table, side by side, much like many other Christians have throughout the years.

Please join Evident Grace this Sunday at 1030am at the comedy club Liberty Lanes.  I pray you can come as you are and leave encouraged.  If you have any questions about this or any other part of Evident Grace and her services, please contact Pastor Gordon at jgordonduncan@yahoo.com.