(EG)Groups Launch – Needs Discovered, Talents Uncovered

egg groupsFoundationally, Evident Grace is about understanding and displaying Christ in worship, community, and service.  While every aspect of our church is geared towards that, our (EG)Groups are one of our most vital elements.

Towards that end, we will be launching 3 (EG)Groups over the next 2 weeks, and we will be continuing our study of what a Gospel-Centered community looks like.  Our goal in these groups is threefold:  we want to reflect on the worship that we enjoy each Sunday, we want to deepen our ever-growing community, and we want to enable our church to grow in serving others.

Hopefully, as these groups gather, each will discover a unique way to serve the larger communities in which we live.  This will be based on the needs discovered in each group and met by the talents uncovered within each group.  With that, our groups will have a three-fold, Gospel impact within Evident Grace and to the places we live and go each day.  People attending can let others know about the needs that they experience in our community, and then we will help folks discover their talents to meet those needs – all the while studying and having a blast together.

So, this is how you can get involved.

We will have one meeting at Evident Grace in our worship space this Sunday evening (Feb 9) at 530pm led by Pastor Gordon Duncan.  You can contact him at jgordonduncan@yahoo.com for more details.

We will have another meeting on Wed (Feb 12) at the Murray home in the Lee’s Parke community led by Matt Murray beginning at 7pm.  You can contact him at mmurray77@gmail.com.

And one more will meet at the Tosh home in the Fawn Lake community on Sunday evening (Feb 16) led by Paul Jany.  You can contact him at pfjany@gmail.com.

If you are at all interested, please contact these leaders.  We hope you can relate to where these groups are going, and ultimately, we hope they have such an impact on you that you see them as something significant in your life.