Evident Grace Launches New Childrens Program

brochure-kidsEvident Grace values teaching our children, so towards that end, we have waited to establish a few of our programs until we knew that we could do them faithfully, safely, and consistently. We are excited to announce that this Sunday, we are going to be able to launch just the program that fits that description.

This Sunday (June 1), we are going to launch a children’s teaching time during the sermon. We are going to be able to offer programs for ages 2-5. The summer themes will be:

Toddlers: God’s people (Abraham, Moses, etc)

4-5 yr. olds – God keeps His promises (Noah, Hannah, Adam & Eve, Samuel, Isaiah)

The practicality of it will look like this:

Drop off: The Children’s Teaching Time will start after the song just before the sermon starts.  Gordon will make an announcement letting everyone know that its time.  There will be someone at the information desk at the top of the elevator to check your children in and to take them to their classroom.

Pickup time: Parents can pick up their children in the same way they do for nursery with parents picking up their children after the service.

We are excited to announce this and would love any and all prayers. This launch of a time of teaching for children is a huge step of maturity for us as a church.   We are thankful that we have moved to the point where we can offer it and offer it well.

For any questions, please call 919-412-8161 or email the church at egfellowship@gmail.com.